Conservative Patriots Of Wilkes Empowering the Republic


Next Meeting

Thursday following the 3rd Tuesday of every monthy

Cagney’s Restaurant @ 7:00 PM

1200 Central Street

Wilkesboro, NC 


Screws are being tightened on America.  As it continues to get worse, and it will get worse, we may find ourselves being short with our loved ones, particularly with our spouses, for no particularly obvious reason.  Be advised:  we all will come under more intense, acute strain and it is important that we hold close those that we love.  Hold them closer than ever as they may soon become the only ones you can trust if this keeps on going in the direction that I think it will.

  More people are separating from their families now than I have ever witnessed.  Our entire society is continually being flooded with elements that are designed to destroy the American family, and it is working.

  My advice is to tune out the 'urinestream' media, turn off the steady stream of garbage that is polluting our minds and draw nigh unto the Lord. 

Every Second Thursday @ 7pm; CPOWER monthly meeting starting in January 2012.

Every First Tuesday of the month @ 5pm County Commissioner Meeting

Every Third Tuesday of the month @ 7pm County Commissioner Meeting